52 Ancestors – My great great Aunt Gladys Moon Sears

Gladys Moon Sears

Today I received this precious photo of my great great Aunt Gladys via email from a fellow researcher who also has family connections with Gladys.

Gladys was born on September 8, 1885, in Red Springs, Shawano County, Wisconsin, to James (my great great paternal grandfather) and Phoebe Johnson Moon (James’ third wife). While giving birth to Glady’s sixth sibling, Martin in 1897, Phoebe dies. Consequently, all of the Moon children are left without a mother. Apparently James does the best he can with raising this large family, but in 1903, James died unexpectedly, and all of the children, except Bessie who died at the age of 8, are separated and given up for adoption. Gladys is raised by the Gardner family on the Stockbridge Reservation in Shawano County, Wisconsin, and eventually is sent away to the Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Indian Government School. Gladys remained at the school for many years, and as part of the Indian School program, all children were eventually sent to stay with different host families throughout the state of Pennsylvania to practice their trades and gain experience in the real world. Gladys’ family enjoyed her so much that after she finished with her schooling at Carlisle, Gladys stayed on with her host family for many years until she returned to Wisconsin where in 1928, she met and married Orville John Sears. They had two children together, Wendall and Earl. Fortunately Gladys was reunited with several of her siblings, including her long-lost sister, Kitty Jane (a long story), and her half-sister, Martha Moon Gibson. Gladys died in August, 1967, in Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin. Isn’t Gladys beautiful!


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